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Hey Crystal Crew!

Welcome to your one stop shop for all your favorite spiritual and healing products.

Whether you are new on your spiritual journey or further along your path, we have plenty of products that we're sure you'll resonate with.

Our hand-crafted products include: intentional candles, sage burning trays, body butter, annointing oil, and more. We also have cleansing items such as incense, Florida water, Palo Santo, and sage bundles. And of course we have plenty of crystals and jewelry for you to choose from!

Please allow our products to fill your space & life with uplifting, purifying, and healing energy.

Happy Healing!!!

Feng Shui Anointing Products

Feng Shui Anointing Products

Feng Shui is a blend of oils created to bring your wildest... 

Smudging Tools

Energy clearing products which include Sage, Palo Santo and incense  

Where you can find our mobile Apothecary Shop

Fridays @ Hospital of University of Penn

Pavilion Cafe


Saturday's @Clark Park

4300 Chester ave


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    Feng Shui Anointing Oil

    Our anointing oil is formulated with the most Divinely Feminine scents to spark your wildest desires & turn them into REALITY!

  • The Healers favorite Crystal

    Green Aventurine

    provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It renews one's optimism for life and pushes us to take action to acquire what we want 

  • FAQs


    How long does shipping take?

    We try our best to ship out order within 48 hours of purchase. We ship orders out Monday-Friday, shipping takes 1-3 days in the US. Up to 2 weeks internationally.

    Holidays, Vacation, and Travel Days are not included. Please check your email for shipping & tracking updates.

    Do you only ship in the USA?

    Yes we ship worldwide.

    Can I exchange or return my merchandise?

    Depends on product and circumstance, please email us at fionamccoy@yahoo.com

    How to choose the perfect crystals for me?

    You can choose any crystals that catch your eye and that stand out you; see it as a magnet and its mean for you. You can also pick crystals with certain properties you are looking to welcome into your life. We have put some crystals sets together already for starters, that are put together for certain reasons or properties- You can choose the one that works for you.